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Currently, online and in poker clubs, each day a huge number of tournaments in unlimited holdem. Some of poker players download movies online on website. The player can choose for himself any event, it suitable for buy-inu. But there is another very important factor that directly. We’d like to recommend you this play roulette online websites review.

Full Tilt Poker

affect the profitability of the tournament, other than buy-and Ina-level rivals. This, of course, is a deep starting stack, the length of the levels and growth rates blinds and antes.
For the good players are the most attractive tournaments with great structure. Obviously, if the player has an advantage over rivals, the more it will play a dispensation, the more likely he will be able to realize this advantage. Also, there is no doubt that playing tournaments with deep stacks of varying length and levels of need in many ways. Let’s try to understand these differences in strategy.

In this section, all the tournaments in the following groups:
1) Major tournaments EPT (European Poker Tour), WPT (World Poker Tour), World Series, the national championships - the duration of 1 hour, an initial stack of more than 100M (M - the ratio of the size of the stack and the amount of blinds and antes), slow growth blinds .
2) Tournaments with a duration of 30 to 40 minutes, an initial stack of 66 to 100 M, the slow growth of blinds and antes.
3) Tournaments with a duration of 20 minutes, an initial stack order 50M, a sharp increase in blinds.
4) Turbo tournaments with a duration of 15 minutes, the stack is less than 50M, and a very sharp increase in blinds.
On the Internet everything is happening much faster, so online in turbo tournaments duration of less than 5 minutes, and tournaments with half the levels are fairly very long
The first group - this is the summit of all the many world tournaments! In Moscow these tournaments a year is hardly a more than 10, ie less than 1 tournament a month. In addition, buy-ins at this tournament will be the sum of $ 1000, which is very sensitive to the average player, because in order to play this tournament, you must have a bankroll of about $ 100 000. However, this does not mean that such events are collected only very strong players. At least half of the participants - just rich people who like poker, and they are willing to spend 1000 more dollars for their entertainment.
How to play the tournament of this type? Just specify that a tournament with such a structure on the Internet, I almost never met, so the analysis will be carried out for the tournaments in the off-line. For simplicity, we take the standard structure of these tournaments, which were applied recently in the main tournament in October PokerFest Casino «Shangri-La», as well as at all stages of EPT, except the final. So, the initial stack - 10 000 chips, blinds start - 25-50, the last hour exactly. 2 nd level - 50-100. 3rd Level - 75-150. Thus, by the end of the 3rd hour of game, our initial stack amount to little more than 44m, which is simply wonderful. Even if we choose very tight style of play and will throw down anything worse than 10-10 and disparate AQ, blinds not offer us any danger, and caught 1-2 times as opponents to bluff, we can significantly increase the stack.
The same is true for a very aggressive style. Even if we caught 2-3 times to bluff and never paid a very powerful combination, still we must remain more than 5000 chips, which is more 20M. Thus, in this structure of any style of play has the right to life.
I have played over the past year approximately 40-50 of these tournaments and a lot of experimenting with the style of play. I developed a sort of advice on how to play the first three levels of tournaments. Just specify that my advice is not suitable for all, but only those players who practice an aggressive style. Another clause - while we will consider only the preflop, as the game to flop, especially with a deep stack, too diverse.

The early and middle position

At the first level of blinds quite small. There is little point to try to steal them on a bad card from an early position. If you give them, it will be only 75 chips, the likelihood is that the opponent will be for you a very good card, and is large enough. In addition, many will go to the bank with a weak card, simply because the deep stacks and allow them to do so.
The same is true for the small pocket pairs to vosmerok inclusive. One overkarta get almost 100%, sometimes they will be two. Pick up a bank without a position at 4-5 is very difficult opponents. Thus, we have to play the set. The probability that this will happen - 1 / 7, 5. With small pairs from early position advantageous to enter the call, that if someone is behind us «monster», we were able to raise his zakollirovat, and in case of success and loss set in the flop to win him to the maximum. If, however, we will raise first, and the opponent with a strong hand would make a great rereyz, we have to throw out his pair, as no position we can not play a big pot.
In my opinion, raise from early position worthy of the following cards: a pair of over 10-10, and strong Aces of AQ, sometimes also odnomastnye AJ, when the table is taytovy. The amount of raise in the first stages of my observations to be 4-5 big blinds. In response to a «standard» 3BB raise in at least one tournament with a deep stack, unfortunately, come all, and on any map.
calling from early position, I would become the next range of cards - pocket pair to 9 including any associated maps (connectors) of 4-5, any Ace, any connectors through one (KJ, QT, etc.). Then it all depends on the developments. If, after your call followed by 4-5 BB raise, and no one calling, I would have stayed in the game only with pocket pairs. If there is at least 1 calling player, then the call is quite Today and connectors. If calling persons are more than two, then I would have stayed in the game with any card.
A much more diverse opportunities in the game late in the positions and, even more so with the blinds, but we’ll talk about them next month. Stay with us!

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